For patients, Friedson’s art fits into the large context of recovery, which is about much more than the treatment of symptoms. True recovery involves restoring one’s life roles – as patents, siblings, spouses – and regaining education, vocation and housing. “it’s about allowing people to dream again.

Paul Arlein
Director of Outpatient Services
Ellis Medicine’s Outpatient Mental Health Services

As a Philanthropy Advisor I am delighted to read Deborah's understanding of how it’s not only ‘ok’ but actually important to be public in giving/gifting to others. Her healing work on display in so many worthy organizations touches the lives of untold numbers of people whom she will never know, never meet, yet the essence of her work will live on for generations of people touched by her spirit through her art.

Susan L, Axelrod, CFRE, PFR


In my work I have witnessed hundred’s of women’s heart wrenching journeys to self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love. Deb Friedson has so vividly and powerfully captured a woman’s faithful journey in The Woman with the Elephant Heart that her book will be a “must own” for all the women in my life. It is a treasure.

Diane Pietracarlo
Nutritional Therapist